Monday, February 18, 2008

"Patrol"-the game

My newest "Fav Game" is "Patrol", publised by Pacific Sky Games.

"Patrol" puts you in command of a squad of 10-12 men in WWII.

Each game has you roll a D20 dice to see what type of patrol your squad will go out on.

Will it be a Mission of Mercy, a Deep Patrol or to check out the buidings on the game board.

You don't know until you roll for it on the Mission table and, better yet, your opponent doesn't know your mission until the game ends.

Of course you don't know his either.

Here are a few pics from my latest game.

I had a German squad tasked with a Deep Patrol.

I had to get at least half of my squad down the length of the table and off the far edge.

My opponent John had an American Squad and their mission was the check out at least 2/3rds of the buildings on the table.

When ever John went into a building, he would roll one die and see if there was a lost enemy soldier in their.

That did happen in one building and after a tense standoff, the GIs shot and killed the German soldier.

In "Patrol" each player rolls for Initiative during a game turn using a D20 die.

If you win the initiative roll, you get to activate one soldier or Fire Team.

If you and your opponent roll the same number on a D20, then a Random Event happens.

In our latest game, on the second turn, a Random Event came up and one of the GIs got jumpy and shot one of his own squad mates, that was in the shadows of a building.

It ended up being a Light Wound.

Later in the game another Random Event came up and this time a stray shell fell on a house my troops were sheltering behind.

Krash Boom; there goes almost half of my squad, including the Squad Leader.

That pretty much ended the game for me.

Okay; time to publish this and see what it looks like.


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