Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Alpine Village Resort and Lake George NY

This is looking from the center of Lake George Village and just outside the Visitors Center.

At this point we are at the southend of the lake, looking east.

You can see a few of the tour boats at the pier.

Our favorite is the Steampowered paddlewheeler named Mini Ha Ha.

Another picture here is looking from our cabin at Alpine Village Resort, up to Josh and Chris playing ping-pong in front of the main lodge.

During the day, we would hang around the camp, just relaxing, swimming, floating on the lake in an innertube, playing ping-pong, basketball, or playing catch.

The cabin we were in #12 was centrally located on the site, so you had a good view of the lake and grounds.

When the boys mom went with us the first year, she loved the location.

Here's looking from the deck of our camp to the pool.

The lake is located to the right, so you can sit at the pool and look down to the lake.

One thing to mention is that none of the cabins are stand alone cabins so to speak.

They are either like a duplex or a larger unit.

You still have plenty of room, but on our first time up there, I was expecting our own "stand alone" cabin.

For instance; we were in Cabin 12 the first year and 13 the year after and then cabin 12 again last year. These are the large cabins, with two bedrooms, a full bath and kitchen, with a deck too.

Cabins 12 and 13 are attached with another unit over us.

Not bad once you get used to it, although the cabin upstairs seemed to have little children who loved to run around late at night, when we were there.

The other cabins were smaller, much more like a hotel room, with two beds, a bath, a deck and a fire place.

As you can see, the grounds are beautiful and the whole place fits well with the Adirondack Mtns.

This is looking down from the main lodge to our cabin, with the lake in the background.

We are located on the Western shore of the lake by Diamond Point.

There's a small island just off shore named Tea Island.

Christopher and I have canoed around it a couple of times.

At Alpine Village, you can use their row boat or canoe for as long as you like with just a $20.00 deposit.

And finally; Here's the beach area.
At this point, you are looking Southeast, towards the end of the lake and in the direction of the Tour Boat Pier.
Lake George is spring fed and has clear, cold water.
The bottom here is sandy for a good bit, so it's perfect for wading.
I would go out and float around on an inner tube or go snorkeling, or both.
The boys, would rather be in the pool.
People bring their boats up with them and dock them here at the pier. Kids fish off the pier too.
It's great just to be able to sit on the beach with a good book, watch the Mini Ha Ha cruise by or watch the ducks come by for a visit.
Again; having a cabin so close, it's a short walk to it for a snack or drink, the pool is very close as well and no matter what the boys are doing, they are near by too.

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