Monday, February 18, 2008

My Miniatures

Collecting, painting and hopefully playing my wargames miniatures is an important hobby to me.

I hope to use this site to write about my experiences and post photos of my minis.

I've been gaming with miniatures since 1998, before that I was a frequent player of board games by Avalon Hill, SPI or Yaquinto.

In 1997; I met my two future Step-Sons, Josh and Christopher.

At that time, the boys were 8 and 4 years old.

I did not have kids of my own and these two boys won me over as much as their mom did.

In 1998; I was looking for something to do with the boys that combined my two hobbies.

Strategy Gaming and Model Railroading.

I didn't have room for a model RR layout and the strategy games were too difficult for them to pick up easily.

In comes Warhammer 40K (second edition) and that became the perfect fit.

The boys and I spent a lot of fun hours, painting and playing with the miniatures.

Making the terrain was also a great part of the hobby.

Christopher made a "bunker" out of dried beans and craft sticks in the First Grade.

We played 40k for about 4 years, but then the boys grew out of it.

I didn't.

Now I mostly play Historical games.

My favorites at this time are:

Flames of War


Check Your 6

I do also play occasionally two Sci-Fi Games



I will try to post photos of my Wargaming Miniatures on this site.

Stay tuned.

Joe Parvana

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