Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vanished....she is not alone

Since Hobie disappeared, I started scanning my local, regional paper for Eastern Baltimore County and was struck by how many pets have gone missing in the past two weeks.
Dogs, Cats and even a grey Parrot, all are listed as lost in the paper.
One dog that was lost, right down the road is a Beagle, with the same disposition as Daisy, "friendly but timid."
Every story you read is heartbreaking and you can read the family grief in the short notices.
"Sorely missed", "Family is heartbroken", "Family is grieving".
This is a sign of what pets have become to us and what pet ownership has evolved into.
It's surely a cold comfort to me to know that I am not alone and I can only hope and pray that all lost pets will find their way home soon.
Thanks for reading;
Mr. Joe

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