Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas at Camp Run-A-Muk

Well hello everyone and welcome back to Mr. Joes World. Merry Christmas to all of you.

It's been a very tough year for me and the boys and it started off pretty close to the start of the year when I was laid off by GET Marketing on January 29th. The job market is not good, especially for a 50+ year old guy (that's me by the way) and the many, many jobs I did apply for seemed to vanish in thin air. Thankfully I had Unemployment Insurance and even more thankfully, I have a strong family that continually supported me with financial and moral support.

Back in May, I stopped by a local Boating supply retail store, aka West Marine and secured a part time position at $9.00 per hour with them. This job has been a "god send" as it is about a half mile from the house, had a great group of people to work with and allowed me to talk to customers and help customers out with all of their boating needs.

Now some of you may not know this, but I have a good bit of boating experience, having sailed since 1988 and raced on a 35 foot boat from 1994 to 1999.

I do have to say, that I have learned more about boating while working for West Marine, than I ever did out on the water.

I also picked up a part time job with a company called AIM (Alternative and Innovative Marketing) representing the Sony Digital Reader on weekends, starting in October.

This past month, I have been promoted to Assistant Store Manager with West Marine and that also includes a nice raise to $15.00 per hour and more hours.
So between the two jobs and the Bank of Dad and Mom, I've been able to keep the house and keep the pantry from being completely bare over this past year.
My Brothers and sister have been a constant source of support, with my brother Jim sending me money at two key times this year and with out me even asking for it.
That's the strength of family.

Since coming down here in 1993, and especially since I really got into a great group of guys through Miniature Wargaming, I have made very good friends whom have also given me their support and advice during this tough time in my life. Their friendship and camaraderie have carried me through many rough stretches this year.

Now the images you have been looking at are all from my home today, a place I fondly call; Camp Run-A-Muk.

Why am I posting pictures of my tree and decorations?

To show anyone who is interested enough to still be reading that......

I believe, that no matter what comes at me in life, my family, my friends and my pets are better served by me being thankful for what I have and enjoying the season and life in every way possible.

There will not be many gifts this year, but there will be a good feeling in the air at Camp Run-A-Muk and the holidays will be cheerie and bright, as the song goes.

Whether it's having dinner here with the kids, walking Daisy or playing an evening of a miniatures game with my friends, I will be happy.

And I'll do all of the above this week.

So enjoy your holidays with family and friends, be thankful for the simple pleasures in life and remember loved ones and friends, who are no longer here with us, but are still in our hearts.

From the whole gang at Camp Run-A-Muk and our part of Mr. Joes World, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Mr. Joe, Josh, Nicole, Christopher, Jasmine, Hobie and Daisy

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